Show Packages


(1 or 2 Strolling Belly Dancers) with snake plus photo ops or meet and greets. (5 1/2 ft. Albino Ball Python lower cost)(10-14 ft. Albino Burmese Python higher cost) (20 min. – 3hrs.)


(Serpent Sorceress Show) – Appearing Snakes from Magical Illusions plus Belly Dance Props (MAGIC SERPENT SHOW, BELLY DANCE STYLE – includes: Isis Wings Dance, Sword Balance over the head routine, silk veil dance, Hindu Basket where I get into, then my partner impales the basket with 5 swords through the basket) finally I come out alive and unscathed with a 10-14 ft. snake or I appear the snake from an illusion, and perform a Snake Dance. More big Illusions are available if needed. To see some of the illusions please go to: (20 min. – 1 hr.)


15 minute show – Isis Wings Dance, Sword Balance over the head routine, veil dance, snake dance. Plus, 45 minutes (Strolling/Belly Dancing) with Albino Ball Python snake and photo ops. Total time: (1 hour)


(Workshop) 15 minute show – Isis Wings Dance, Sword Balance over the head routine, veil dance, snake dance. Plus, 45 minutes crash-course Belly Dance ZUMBA fitness interaction. (includes Ball Python). (1hr.)



Los Angeles Belly Dancer Performance Details

She arrives to all her gigs 30 min. – 1 hr. early. If needed, she brings her professional sound system, mic’s, 500 watt professional spot light, props, snake handler and INSURANCE. For Belly Dance show details, Please click on the Event Packages Link (scroll down). A more sophisticated or age appropriate costume is available on request..


Belly Dancer Packages

Different belly dancer packages are available and could be Modified. She will make you feel very important in your party. Audience participation is always fun but not needed (Comedy Bit). Hire Katia and make your party worth speaking about. Katia does NOT perform at MALE ONLY events .  No requests for such events will be considered.

Los Angeles Snake Charmer Performance Details

Katia is also a Serpent Sorceress (Snake Charmer). She could walk around at your event with a beautiful tamed 5 1/2 ft. Albino Ball Python, or a 10-14 ft. Albino Burmese Python on her shoulders, and even do a 30 min. or 1 hour Magic Illusion show appearing snakes from different magical props. She could also do Meet and Greets plus Photo Ops.

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