Omstar D-1280x


Omstar D-1280x

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1 Gallon, treats 1,280 gallons of Fuel. Reduces Emissions by 50% and Fuel Economy up to 20%. Proven in Government Labs. Automobile Formula.

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Omstar D-1280x uses technology first discovered and patented (patent #4,920,691) to clean and lubricate your engine. When added to fuel, it reduces the toxic emissions of un-burned fuel. When added to the oil, it cleans and lubricates all engine parts, thereby reducing friction. Reduced friction means your engine runs smoother and cooler.

Use Omstar D-1280x with any fuel, Diesel, Unleaded, Ethanol and Biofuels. Any vehicle, such as: passenger car, truck, bus, ship, train or even a motorcycle will benefit substantially from this product.


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