Omstar B-15


Omstar B-15

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“Bunker Fuel Formula”, a special blend of Omstar D-1280x for fuel oil. It has successfully lowered emissions and increased fuel economy in large industrial boilers and in power plant generators.



Omstar B-15- has been tested successfully on power generators that work with diesel and bunker fuel. The results have given clear evidence that Omstar B-15 reduces the cylinder head temperature allowing the operator to increase the generating potency to a higher level and at the same time, the fuel economy can increased up to 10%.

•Fuel Economy increase
•Lowered the emissions and particulates
•Reduced the cylinder head temperatures allowing a higher generation of KwH/liter of fuel.

Omstar B-15 is a specially developed blend of Omstar D-1280X to be used with high sulfur diesel or bunker C fuel. The results obtained has revealed a significant carbon reduction in the fire tubes, lower emissions including Nox. The product allows the boiler to function at low levels of O2 (2.8%) without emitting ashes in the chimney. The lower the 02 level the higher the efficiency.

Omstar B-15 is designed for bunker fuel applications:

•Omstar B-15 is mixed at the ratio of 1 gallon of conditioner per 1000 gallons of bunker C fuel (38,000 liters).
•Omstar B-15 will need to be applied to the daily tank were the bunker fuel is warm up due to the viscosity.
•Omstar B-15 can be applied in moving and stationary engines.
•To be used in residual fuel (heavy fuel oil/bunker fuel/fuel #6) burned in furnances of heat plants, such as boilers (steam) plants. It greatly omproves combustion of a furnance fuel.
•Our product used in conjunction with Bunker-C will produce less pollution than Low Sulfur Diesel that Marpol Annex VI advocates


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